REVIEW: Two for the Dough – A Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

I love this book!

One for the Money, as great as this series is, really didn’t show you the potential of laughter to come.

Two for the Dough changes everything!  The relationship between Stephanie and Morelli will leave you smiling.  All of the wonderful little things in a relationship that bugs you, you’ll find in theirs.  The awkward moments to the pitter patter wonder moments.

Grandma Mazur really steps on stage with her need to pay her respects to the dead.  Skipping her feet to help her granddaughter pursue the deadly criminals threatening her life, she finds herself injured and pissed.  Playing Dirty Harry and being as sharp as a pistol, Mazur will bring a smile to your face.

Stephanie, still new at being a Bounty Hunter, second guesses her abilities.  Lula will appear in this book and let the games begin!  This book is just the start of a wonderfully HILARIOUS team!

I definitely recommend this book to anyone needing a smile.  Mild violence.  No sexual content.

Thumbs up to Janet Evanovich!

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