REVIEW: Three to get Deadly – A Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

This book demonstrates an explosive and brilliantly comical story.

Stephanie Plum.  Bounty hunter.

I checked my pocketbook to make sure I had the essentials…beeper, tissues, hair spray, flashlight, cuffs, lipstick, gun with bullets, recharged cell phone, recharged stun gun, hairbrush, gum, pepper spray nail file.  Was I a kick-ass bounty hunter, or what?

That about sums her up.  She’s hilarious.  She’s brave and bold.  She’s a woman on the edge.  I don’t know who should be more frightened, Joe Morelli or the criminals she’s searching for.

As the books continue, the inevitable character progression always fascinates me.  I expect nothing less of the characters in the Stephanie Plum series.

Grandma Mazur holds a special place in my heart.  I always picture my momma as Mazur and me as Stephanie.  My sister has the personality of Lula, but we won’t tell her that!

In Three to get Deadly, Mazur steps on the edge and takes some interesting chances.  Why not find a man of her own?

“How was church?” I asked.

“Boring,” she said.  “A big waste of time.  We got a bunch of duds in that congregation.  Nobody hot to trot.  I’m gonna try the bingo hall tonight.  I hear they got some live lookers coming to bingo.”

And that’s just the beginning.  I love Grandma Mazur and look forward to reading more of her!

Lula.  My momma always says she wants to be Mazur or Lula.  The character is totally rockin’ awesome!  In this book, her character plays a more integrated role, and with the books to come, she will not disappoint you.  Wise ass, daring and sexy, Lula will force a smile upon your face even if you’re fighting it.

“I want a triple-decker burger,” Lula yelled at the box.  “I want bacon and cheese and special sauce.  I want a large fries, and I want lots of them little ketchup packets.  And I want a large chocolate milkshake.” 

Dickie.  Ex-husband sleazebag.  He shows up a little in this book, and the verbal sparring matches between Stephanie and Dickie are priceless.

“Bitch,” Dickie said.


His eyes narrowed.  “Slut.”


“Fat cow.”

“Listen,” I said.  “I don’t have to take this.  I got a divorce.”

This book took some interesting and gruesome turns.

Stephanie, as always, forces her chin up and remains strong.  With people shooting at her, torturing her and leaving her as a suspect in a homicide, she perseveres with grace.

I blink back the threat of tears, swiped at my nose and narrowed my eyes.  “Listen to me, you two bags of monkey shit, “I yelled.  “I am not in a good mood.  My car keeps stalling.  The day before yesterday I threw up on Joe Morelli.  I was called a fat cow by my ex-husband.  And if that isn’t enough…my hair is ORANGE! ORANGE, FOR CHrISSAKE!  And now you have the gall to force yourself into my home and threaten my hamster.  Well, you have gone too far.  You have crossed the line.”

As always, a double thumbs up for this book!  There is moderate violence and a few sex moments scattered periodically throughout the book.  I would not recommend this book to children or immature young adults.   I will most definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a great night of laughter!

Happy reading!

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