Book of the day … The Laughing Corpse – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter novel by Laurell Hamilton

Book number two in the Anita Blake series by Laurell Hamlton.  The only reason I finished the review this evening is because I want to read The Laughing Corpse 🙂

Back cover:

The novels of #1 bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton take readers into the dangerous life of Anita Blake, animator and vampire-hunter- a woman as good as raising the dead as she is at slaying the undead.  Now, a creature from beyond the grave is tearing a swath of murder through St. Louis.  And Anita will learn that there are some secrets better left buried-and some people better off dead…

“They were treating me like I was a dangerous person.  At five-three I am not imposing.  Raise the dead, kill a few vampires, and people start considering you on of the monsters.  Sometimes it hurt.  But now…it had possibilities. ‘Do you really think I came here unarmed?’ I asked.  My voice sounded very matter-of-fact…’Want to bet your life on it?'”

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