REVIEW: River Marked – A Mery Thompson series novel #6 by Patricia Briggs

As with the other books in the Mercy Thompson series written by Patricia Briggs, River Marked leaves your heart pumping and a smile on your face.

A unique and wonderful book surrounded by werewolves, walkers and vampires.  What more could you ask for?  How about a reunion with someone your heart has yearned for?  To be able to ask the questions and get the answers you have never had in your life?

River Marked offers that and more.

As Mercy and Adam’s relationship progresses, they finally get married.  Running from their family and all other interruptions, they head out for their honeymoon unaware of the dangerous plans that others made for them without their knowing.

Adam’s character takes another breath in a new light.  Although there are surprisingly pleasant comical moments, there are darker traits that present themselves.  An offbalance possession.  A raging need for more control.

Mercy and Adam’s relationship is lifted to a new level with the brutally honest realization of the consequences from the loss of each other.

Mercy has come to her own and really shined in River Marked.  The trusting love that she shares with Adam is amazing.  The reluctance has finally dispersed and it is wonderful to read her enjoying what she has instead of running away from it.

Unfortunately, this book has it’s darker, sad moments.  Although the reunions and glowing love are a beautifully wonderful thing, there is death in this book.  Death that leaves Mercy paralyzed.  The mourning guilt that envelopes her is suffocating.  I found myself holding my chest, almost feeling her pain.  What a terrible feeling, to lose someone you could have saved.

Without saying more and giving too much away, the balanced dramatic events in this book are breathtaking.  Filled with more mysterious magic than the others, this book is a double thumbs up must read!

This book has some nondecriptive sexual content.  There is of course violence, so I would read it before allowing a young adult to do so.  Everyone has different lines they will not cross.  Find yours.  I hope you enjoy this book and the Mercy Thompson series as much as I!

2 responses to “REVIEW: River Marked – A Mery Thompson series novel #6 by Patricia Briggs

  1. Love Mercy & Adam’s relationship. It is so honest, tender, and equal. The glimpse into her Indian heritage was interesting. But I always want more of my favorite couple.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    • I love Patricia Briggs .. I found her at a book consignment store .. Found all of the books and wham! Love them all .. Going to read the series again soon 🙂

      Have you read her other books? I have yet to try them.

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